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The tax services that we provide to our clients fall under three headings:  ​Preparation, Advisory Services, and Representation




Preparing taxes for the current tax season is the service that most of our clients routinely use.

Tax preparation is not a passive process on the client side.

While we will do most of the heavy lifting in preparing client taxes, the timely completion of client tasks, as highlighted below, makes each client an essential part of our team. Working together as a team ensures that your tax returns will be accurate and complete and filed or extended on time.

Preparing taxes may seem boring or problematic, but it gives us critical insights into the lives of our clients. And clients are our ultimate care and concern.

Our Responsibilities

Briefly, we are responsible for collecting and assembling your tax documents, using our expertise to prepare your tax returns, and filing your returns with the appropriate federal and state tax authorities by required deadlines.

We contact our clients, as needed to solicit documents and information from them and send documents to clients for their approval and signature.

Note:  If an error or omission occurs in the preparation a a client's tax returns for which we are wholly responsible, any resulting financial costs in terms of interest or penalties is typically covered by our E&O (errors and omissions) insurance.  However, errors caused by the client providing incomplete or inaccurate information is the financial and legal responsibility of the client.

Client Responsibilities

It is important that each client completes the following tasks in a timely fashion. Each tax season, our clients are responsible for submitting their digital or paper tax documents to us, responding to our requests for additional documents or information, and signing and returning required documents in a timely fashion.

Examples of documents that require signatures include the Engagement Letter--which acts as a contract between us and each client for the current tax season--and the 8879 forms--which authorize us to file tax returns on behalf of the client with the appropriate federal and state tax authorities.

Additionally, clients may choose to complete and submit a questionnaire and tax organizer to us. Completing these tasks increases the accuracy and completeness of tax returns as well as expediting the preparation and filing of the returns.

Finally, clients have the opportunity and responsibility to contact us proactively if they have questions or additional information for us.

Advisory Services

When preparing taxes for the current tax season, we or our clients may identify issues that are backward-looking or forward-looking or which require niche consulting services. 

Amendments or Catching Up

Backward-looking issues may include amending previous tax years or catching up on previous tax years when taxes were not submitted. 


Forward-looking issues involve planning to reduce a client’s tax burden or avoiding fees and penalties. 

Niche Consulting Services

We also offer a number of niche consulting services in areas such as cryptocurrency taxation, reasonable compensation salary surveys, comprehensive tax research, and cooperative business development. If you need a consulting service that is not listed here, ask us.  We might be able to help you with that issue as well. 


Tax Authority Notices


Audit Protection Plan

Clients who anticipate that they may have need of our advisory or representation services should consider purchasing our Audit Protection Plan (APP).  Contact us for indformation about the APP.

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