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About Us

About Our Firm

The staff of American Tax Cooperative Corporation provides quality, personalized financial guidance to individuals and small businesses on a nationwide basis. Our expertise ranges from basic accounting and tax advisory services to more in-depth services such as our transaction-to-tax return financial management approach to fulfilling our client's financial goals.

American Tax Cooperative Corporation is a firm dedicated to servicing our clients wherever their careers, goals, and other life events may take them. By consistently applying a systematic approach to financial management and combining our expertise, experience, and the team mentality of our staff, we insure that every client receives the careful analysis and attention that produces exceptional results. Our dedication to high standards, hiring of seasoned professionals, and work ethic is the reason our clients entrust us as their financial advisor and partner in the achievement of their financial objectives.


Our Seven Core Values

Provide Excellent Service

We exist to serve our clients by offering the best possible tax preparation, advisory and advocacy services.  This includes offering a growing selection of niche consulting services in areas such as cryptocurrency taxation, reasonable compensation salary surveys, comprehensive tax research, and cooperative business development. 

Act Ethically

Values are important to us.  We strive to treat everyone charitably - with fairness, respect, and generosity.  We practice our values with all of our stakeholders—clients, staff members, investor members, vendors, and our local and world communities.

Build Relationships

 We’re here for the long-term.  Our tax professionals act as trusted friends and confidantes to our clients; establishing dependable and durable relationships to last for years to come.  We want to work with clients where we have a good mutual fit.

Act With Response-Ability

The ability to respond appropriately is response-ability.  That means listening.  Response-ability also means responding through our client’s preferred communications methods, whether that is by a phone conversation, text, email, or face-to-face meeting. 

Be a Great Place to Work

As a cooperative corporation, all of our staff members have the opportunity to become co-operator owners and participate in the “ownership economy.”  Our goal is to provide all staff members with conducive working environments, stable, long-term, meaningful employment, and flexible schedules that support a good work-life balance.

Practice Sustainability

We believe the health of the planet matters and we act accordingly.  For example, through our secure online portal, clients can submit their tax documents to us digitally, participating in our efforts to move toward a paperless office.  We believe trees have better things to do than making paper, like making clean air and sequestering carbon.

Be a Model for Others

Building a more equitable and inclusive economic ecosystem is in our DNA.  We believe that by doing well, we can do good. Our success enables us to support and inspire other cooperative enterprises.  We are an active participant in the emerging new economy, where workers and consumers share in the benefits of ownership. 

Our Team

In accordance with our Core Values, we have structured our business as a cooperative.  Cooperatives are businesses owned by member-owners.  Cooperatives, or coops for short, are democratically controlled by their member-owners and unlike traditional businesses each member has a voice in how the business is run. 

As a cooperative business, we value and reward the contributions of our staff and enable them to participate in decision-making that effects the operation and direction of the business in a way that contributes to a healthy work/life balance.  We are also equally dedicated to caring for the wellbeing of our clients.

We believe that the best way to do well is to do good and to do right by all of our stakeholders including our staff, our clients, and the larger community.  Providing excellent service to our clients is a win-win situation.  When our clients succeed, we succeed.

In line with the democratic principles on which cooperatives operate, we also use the sociocratic method in our decision-making processes.  Sociocracy is a decision-making method used by self-governing organizations, which was developed in its modern form in 1970 by Dutch engineer Gerard Endenburg based on the ideas of the philospher Auguste Comte.  Sociocracy aspires to create psychologically safe environments and productive organizations.  

If you would like to discuss how to convert your existing business or establish your new business as a cooperative or are interested in learning more about the sociocratic method, please feel free to contact us.


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