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The Strategic Services Framework

Level 1: The Goal (Strategic Planning and Advisory Services)

The created context in which people and organizations choose to operate is decisive in the successful accomplishment of strategic goals. Where one person might see their work only as “digging ditches” or “building walls,” another person sees their work as “building a cathedral.” At American Tax Cooperative Corporation, we work with our clients to create a powerful context from which they create goals that lead to extraordinary results in their lives and businesses. Through the work we do in partnership with our clients, specific, measurable, and concrete goals are established which become the targeted benchmarks for Levels 1-3.

Level 2: The Transaction (Accounting, Bookkeeping, Transaction Analytics)

Data collection is the context and focus of this level. While “knowledge is power,” data is the necessary precondition to knowledge. Financial and non-financial transactional data is collected, verified, and aggregated in preparation for analysis. Accuracy and attention to detail at this level are critical to success. American Tax Cooperative Corporation's accounting and bookkeeping staff are dedicated professionals who are trained “to keep it real.” Our client's financial decisions are based on the strongest factual foundation possible and the results measured accurately reflect the achievement of their stated goals and objectives.

Level 3: The Report (Current Period Analytics and Consulting)

When on a journey to anywhere, signposts are a necessity. The same is true for achieving our objectives in life. This level is all about signposts. We call our signposts by various names – reports, financial statements, goals and accomplishments. By using a combination of financial and non-financial key performance indicators, as well as quantitative and qualitative analytic techniques, the team at American Tax Cooperative Corporation moves beyond "the numbers" to work with our clients to produce greater satisfaction while producing superior results. We believe "the journey" is just as important as "the destination." We are dedicated making sure our client's path is clearly marked so they know where they are and by doing so, allow them to enjoy the journey. .

Level 4: The Results (Financial Results Reporting and Tax Return Preparation)

The final level before returning to the beginning is reporting on what has been accomplished to our clients and other interested parties at specified intervals. As members in a larger society, our success depends on a host of services, many of which we do not even realize we require. At Level 4, American Tax Cooperative Corporation team members work with our clients to analyze results for our clients use and to produce the necessary compliance reports – tax returns, financial statements, and other supporting documentation as may be required to fulfill the mission and operational objectives as determined by our clients.

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